If I can sit here with my buddha belly, saggy sides and unattractive bits on display, then you can stop picking on those who you deem not good looking.

I have been bullied for most of my life for the way I look, it nearly fucking broke me a few years back. Ive tried the passive approach about getting people to stop it and it doesnt help, now I really have come to the end of my tether.

You wanna make someone feel like shit because of the way they look, you wanna sit there and spit cancerous and venomous word daggers at people because you have a beef with their aesthetic orientation….get fucked. 

No Im serious, get fucking fucked.

No one should ever be made to feel like shit for the way they look ever EVER again.

You wanna pick on someone for the way they look…..come on then, call me any name youve got. Call me a useless pile of shit, call me a giant flabby fat cunt who doesnt deserve life because trust me, Ive had them ALL before thrown at me. 

This is a post for those who have ever been bullied, know someone who has or anyone who is sick to the back fucking teeth of people being mistreated for the way they look.

Oh I cant wait for the hate mail to roll in….HAHA GET IT BECAUSE IM FAT, THEREFORE I ROLL!!!! HA HA FUCKING HA!!!